The path to occupying a new, fully operational office, can be long and arduous. From initial viewing to designing and implementing the perfect fitout, the process is full of uncertainty and risk, from cost and time, to quality of end product. Configure provides the solution.

ConfigureTM simplifies and accelerates the path to occupation by letting you visualise and customise fully deliverable fitouts through an intuitive online platform, whilst seeing, in real time, the cost implications of each design decision, and all before you make any commitment.

Once happy with your creation, we commit to delivering your fitout within just 8-weeks of an agreement to lease, amortising the cost across the term to avoid any unwanted upfront expenditure.

Visualise and plan your space whilst viewing the cost impacts of design decisions

A simpler path to your perfect office

ConfigureTM can offer this because we’ve already done all the hard work for you in advance. From layout efficiency analysis and interior design, to sourcing and budgeting of furniture, our team of experts have already been through each detailed process, enabling us to present you with an array of curated yet highly customisable fitout options that can be tailored to reflect a unique brand identity and image.

With some of the best names in the business behind the Configure process, you can rest assured that your final office will be of exceptional quality.

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