The market for office space is changing – rapidly. Presented with an array of beautifully designed, flexible and fast to occupy offerings from the serviced office sector, tenants are becoming increasingly impatient and unaccommodating when searching for their new office.

Landlords presenting the old 'white box' CAT A floorplates are in increasing danger of extended letting void periods, but may be reluctant to fitout their space speculatively in an attempt to compete, and rightly so.

ConfigureTM provides the solution.

ConfigureTM provides you with a powerful marketing tool that lets you offer prospective tenants the ability to visualize and customize CAT B fit-outs through a single, user-friendly online interface, with all designs fully deliverable within just 8 weeks of an agreement to lease.

Let tenants see your space come to life and customize it to their own identity

With instant feedback on cost and a guaranteed 8-week delivery programme

ConfigureTM can offer this because we’ve already done all the hard work in advance. From layout efficiency analysis and interior design, to sourcing and budgeting of furniture, our industry leading team of experts have been through each painstaking process, with all designs comprehensively detailed and rigorously audited to suit the base build.

This allows us to present the occupier with an array of curated, yet highly customisable fitout options, that can be tailored to reflect the unique brand identity and image of the tenant, with the comfort of them being pre-approved by the landlord.

Tenants get a simpler path to a superior product. You get your building let and occupied by happy tenants….faster!

See ConfigureTM in action on the following developments

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